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Turtle Eye Infection - Dr. Karthi Krishnasamy, Happy Pets Veterinary Centre
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作者: adminadmin (2:42 am)

Turtle Eye Infection

This turtle was rescued from a park six months ago by the Hong Kong Society of Herpetology Foundation. Upon rescue it was noted that both eyes of the terrapin were swollen and shut. Treatment was commenced using eye ointment and every other day antibiotics injection. After one month the left eye swelling reduced but the right eye appeared worst.
The terrapin was presented to Happy Pets one week ago for eye examination. Physical examination reveals the terrapin to be in a good condition with strong shell. The left eye appear normal but the right eye was very swollen with a thick dense yellowish plug covering it (photo 1). At this point we were unable to assess the integrity of the eyeball.

Photo 1 ( swollen eyelid with fibrinous deposition)

Few drops of local anesthesia were applied to the right eye. Three minutes later the fibrin plug covering the eye was gently removed with small forceps and saline flushes. The eye ball appeared intact underneath although the eye lid was still swollen obscuring proper visualization.
The terrapin was sent home with topical antibiotic eye ointment to be applied twice daily for a week.
The terrapin was seen again after one week of treatment and right eye had healed fully. (photo 2).

Photo 2 – Normal looking eye one week after treatment

Dr. Karthi Krishnasamy, Happy Pets Veterinary Centre

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