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中小學生 領養紅耳龜計劃 Adoption Program for Students





1.) 減少紅耳龜在各公園的數量;
2.) 加強不可胡亂放生的教育;
3.) 解決大量紅耳龜被放生的長期問題;
4.) 減低野外紅耳龜對原生物種的影響。

1.) 清楚知道被領養動物的來源,更能明白所謂放生的害處;
2.) 培養學生對動物的責任心;
3.) 從飼養中能增加對生物學、動物學的興趣;
4.) 學生有機會成為香港兩棲及爬蟲協會義工,更能親身體會各項保育工作。

1.) 這不僅是一個領養計劃,更是一個全面的保育計劃,令學校在課外活動範圍更多元化;
2.) 對香港的大自然作出貢獻;
3.) 本會會在本會主網,及有關宣傳單張鳴謝 貴校。


若 貴校對以上計劃有興趣,請電郵至 admin@hkherp.org 查詢。



香港兩棲及爬行動物保育基金是香港首個及現存唯一關注兩棲及爬行動物的政府認可慈善機構,並根據《稅務條例》第 88 條,本機構除獲豁免繳稅外,並能接受慈善捐款作慈善用途。


(1) 防止虐待動物,尤其對於兩棲及爬行動物。

(2) 透過不同媒介來加強市民對兩棲及爬行動物的認識。

(3) 提倡兩棲及爬行動物的保育和其生態的保護意識,令市民了解牠們的生態價值。

(4) 令市民意識到瀕危物種所面對的危機。

(5) 研究並提倡加以保護本地的兩棲及爬行動物,讓公眾認識和了解香港的兩棲及爬行類動物在其原生環境和生物鏈中的重要性。

(6) 所有附帶及促成以上目的並且是合法的工作。

本會主網: http://www.hkherp.org

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貴 校

香港兩棲及爬蟲協會 / 香港兩棲及爬行動物保育基金 謹啟



To Whom It May Concern:

Hong Kong Society of Herpetology (HKHERP) has set up an adoption program for all primary and secondary school in Hong Kong regarding Red-eared slider turtles (RES). We sincerely invite your school to participate in this meaningful project. Our objectives for this project are:

Benefits for animal and nature:

1.) Reduce the number of RES in parks all over the city;
2.) Reinforce the education of not setting free animal;
3.) Resolve the long time problem of setting free RES in great quantity;
4.) Reduce the destructive effect that RES place on local species in the wild.

Benefits for students:

1.) Know clearly the origin of the animal being adopted, can understand the harm of setting free animals;
2.) Develop students’ responsibilities towards animals;
3.) Increase their interest in biology and zoology through keeping animals;
4.) Students have the opportunities to become volunteers for HKHERP, can understand more closely about various environmental protection works.

Benefit for your school:

1.) This is not only an adoption program, moreover it is a full environmental protection scheme, help your school to become more multiplication in extra curricular activities;
2.) Can contribute to the nature of Hong Kong;
3.) HKHERP will acknowledge your contribution and express gratitude in our website and brochure.

All turtles being adopted has been quarantined for at least one month and dewormed. We will make sure their health is up to standard before adoption. Adopter must get approval from parents and school. We will not charge any adoption fee. Adopter can contact HKHERP in the future for any question and/or problem regarding rearing of the animal.

If your school is interested in the above scheme, please send email to: admin@hkherp.org.

Hong Kong Society of Herpetology Foundation is established in 2007. It is the first and the only registered charitable organization (IR File No: 91/9058) in Hong Kong related to Amphibians and Reptiles. Herpetology is the study of amphibians and reptiles, this includes studies on their anatomy, genetics, ecology, taxonomy, evolution, physiology, etc. Being a charitable organization, we aim to carry out the following missions :
(1) To prevent cruelty to reptiles and amphibians through education;
(2) To increase the public’s knowledge of amphibians and reptiles through our website and various activities, such as exhibitions, seminars;
(3) To promote the conservation of local species of reptiles and amphibians and their natural habitats so that the public can appreciate the ecological value of the local species;
(4) To promote public awareness of the crisis of endangered species;
(5) To carry out research and study on local amphibians and reptiles whilst emphasizing the importance of preservation of these animals and the environment;
(6) To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.

Our website: www.hkherp.org

Best regards,
Hong Kong Society of Herpetology / Hong Kong Society of Herpetology Foundation


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