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緊急呼籲救救鳳德公園小草龜女 Urgent appeal to save Chinemys Reevesii from Fung Tak Park



Chinemys Reevesii at her new home, thanks Dr. Terry Yu, Faithful Verterinary Hospital.



黄大仙鳳德公園之前發現一隻被遺棄小草龜女, 暫住在義工家中, 上星期發現脫腸已即時睇醫生,

昨晚病情惡化再次脫腸及大量流血, 情况比之前更嚴重。 今午緊急去睇 Dr. Terry Yu, 發現部份組織已到達壞死的狀態, 急需要進行手術,

手術費約 $2,000-$3,000 及其他如醫藥費、留院費及手術後覆診費用 , 否則小草龜會面臨死亡。

小草龜女現等待大家捐助, 令龜龜可即時進行手術, 得以生存的機會, 感激。

1.) 可將款項直接存入 香港上海匯豐銀行 戶口號碼:178-885463-838
2.) 支票可郵寄 香港新界沙田中央郵政局郵政信箱 1098號, 支票抬頭 「香港兩棲及爬行動物保育基金」





HKHERP save a female Chinemys Reevesii at  Fung Tak Park , staying in the volunteer's home in last week found that "Hernia" doctors immediately,

Condition deteriorated again last night off the intestines, and heavy bleeding, the situation is more serious than before. This afternoon, Dr. Terry Yu, found that some organizations have reached the status of necrosis, an urgent need to carry out surgery,

Surgery operation costs about $ 2,000 - $ 3,000, and others such as medical expenses, hospital fees and costs of follow-up appointments after surgery, or turtle grass will die.

Turtle grass is waiting for you all female donors, so that turtles are available for immediate surgery, the chance to survive, grateful.

1.) Donation can be deposited directly into HSBC Account Number :178 -885463-838
2.) Cheque can be mail to "PO Box No. 1098, Sha Tin Central Post Office, New Territories, Hong Kong", cheque should be made payable to "HKHERP"
* donations of HK $ 100 or more are tax deductible *

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